National Hanging Out Day 

April 19th 

Chasing and playing peekaboo

Chasing and playing peekaboo

I admit, I love my dryer. Though some would assume that since I run a clothespin business I wash all my clothes by hand and hang dry them all… well, that is not the case. I wash all my clothes in my washer  (thankful for it every time) and when it isn’t pouring down rain I hang all of my bigger, heavier items (such as towels, blankets, and jeans) on the line.

When we started selling clothespins I ran into National Hanging Out Day. It is a day to encourage people to conserve energy by using the natural dryer… sunshine! (Though drying your clothes inside on a line works well too.)

Kevin's Quality Clothespins on the line holding heavy rug

Some interesting facts about dryers and energy consumption:

  •  Dryers are one of the largest energy users in our homes and represent 2 percent of our nation’s entire electricity consumption.
  •   Today’s typical electric clothes dryer sometimes consumes as much energy per year as a new energy efficient refrigerator, clothes washer, and dishwasher combined.
  • A typical household pays over $100 in annual utility bills to operate an electric dryer and $40 for a gas dryer. Homes with electric dryers pay at least $1,500 over the dryer’s lifetime for the electricity to power the machine.


I know I will be taking the time to dry more outside this year. With wonderful clothespins and the joy of knowing I will be saving money, the job will be very enjoyable.

My little one paying peekaboo in the sheets

My little one paying peekaboo in the sheets

In celebration of Hanging Out Day


(April 18th midnight – April 19th midnight)

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