Summer break for us is going to be starting a bit late due to getting behind in our schooling but I am getting ready.

One of our school challenges is writing. I love writing so much! When I’m not writing for this blog, I’m online looking for creative writing prompts to create my own little world for. I rarely publish the work I do but it’s how I relax after a long day. However, this apparently doesn’t run in the family genes because my oldest hates it. When he sees that he has a writing assignment it is immediate dread and whining. At some point in the assignment, there are usually tears. This is a great irony because the boy can talk and talk and talk.

So, I wanted to integrate some writing into our summer in a fun way. Journaling was my first thought but I knew that if I had to pick a topic daily it may not happen. So I looked up prompts on the internet. I picked only ones I thought my kids would enjoy and relate to. Some are thoughtful like ” what is your favorite memory with Dad?” Most are just silly fun like ” If the dog could talk…”

I copy and pasted them onto a Word document, printed them, and cut them into strips.

Here is the finished journalling jar. I may change the label if I feel inspired later. Ready for summer 🙂


The kids can just pick up their journals (that will be stored under it. Placed in a very visual spot). They can take turns picking. I am thinking we will make it a 10 minute daily after breakfast activity. Sharing will be optional. Just a good way to keep them writing this summer and get my oldest writing without a big stressful multi paragraph assignment looming over him.

-The Frabjus Lady