Well, the last couple weeks has just been crazy around here. I have to say that spring/planting time is one of the busiest times for me. This year it has been even more so with the business. Spring for us is a time to not only plant but it is time to wrap up our homeschooling year.

When the plants start to come alive and the bees are buzzing in my apple tree and raspberry plants (makes me smile)… Well, it’s not just the kids that have a hard time focusing on school….


Spring plants

These plants are actually volunteers in our compost pile that I transplanted to a patch in the garden. We will see what happens.

I am not a highly experienced gardener. So, every year when I plant  little seeds I wonder “okay, little seed… Are you going to grow?” When the little plants come out of the ground I get so excited. The Carpenter just smiles at me as I point out the cute little plants with wonder and get the kids excited with me.

Last year neither one of the cherry trees produced. (okay, we got one cherry…but I don’t think that really counts). Look at them this year! Yum!

Cherry TreeCherry tree fruit

I think a big part of this years success has to do with our dog guarding the yard. We have plenty of deer around here and they have learned that this is her turf. So, I am looking forward to eating the fruit that grows on the trees this year. Last year the deer ate the majority of the apples…

Last year involved a lot of heavy-duty clean out. This years Spring transition was much easier because of last years prep work. I got up my trellises on Mother’s Day weekend and got my green beans planted. This weekend I plan on getting everything else in the ground.


Want to learn more about how I grow my pole beans on trellises? Visit my blog post “How do your Green Beans Grow” HERE

I would love to start plants inside but… well they die. Remember the lettuce I started inside that I was so excited about… well…yeah…I confess…. I am an indoor plant killer… 🙁 But if I put seeds directly in the soil I do much better. See?! IT’S ALIVE! YA!

Baby Sugar Snap Peas

Baby Sugar Snap Peas

I hope you are all having an amazing Spring. Would love to hear about your planting adventures in the comments. You can also like us on Facebook HERE

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