Clothespins Limitations

We love making wooden clothespin and lots of love and hard work go into making them. However, our clothespins do lack super powers and have a few limitations that we would like you to know about before you purchase them…

Our Clothespins are not kid or animal proof


Children love wooden clothespin. These simple mechanical wonders can keep them occupied for long periods of time. Though this can sometimes be an advantage those little ones can also be destructive. They love to squeeze the ends together but they also like to pull them apart. In fact my preschooler loves to find the clothespin and pull them apart. They haven’t yet sustained any damage and can be reassembled, but I am sure with enough force one of them is going to get hurt.

Though our clothespins will resist destruction more than most clothespins they will still come apart with enough force.

Here is how I found my oldest just the other day so it’s not just the toddlers you have to be wary of…what a goober…

Also, If your dog or another animal decides to make one of our clothes pins their new chew toy there is no guarantee our clothes pins will come out the victor in that battle and remain in tact.


Our Clothespins will not remain unaffected when exposed to the elements. 

Any wood product will take a beating if left out in the rain, snow and the sun. Due to the layer of Linseed Oil we put on each of our clothes pins and the stainless steel spring they fair better than most clothespins on the market. However, Kevin’s Quality Clothes pins will not remain unaffected when exposed to the weather.

Therefore, if you want your clothes pins to retain their beauty for a long time, we recommend you bring them inside when you bring your line dried items in.

Our Clothespins may Close Askew


Made in America Clothespin

Closeup of Kevin’s Quality Cloth pins

All torsion-spring clothespin, since their invention in 1887, have a tendency to close just off center, like the pins you see above. This is purely an “aesthetic flaw” within the traditional clothespin design and does not affect its functionality.  Sometimes Kevin’s Quality Clothespin will close perfectly aligned and sometimes not.

 Lifetime Product Guarantee:

If one of your Kevin’s Quality Clothes pins should break due to normal wear or manufacturing defect, return the parts (wood and spring) to us and we will return to you a new clothes pin to replace the malfunctioning clothespin.

By the time you get down to here you have been through alot of negative. We probably should put this as the first point but decided to save the worst for last. As much as we have tried the pins do not make breakfast. The eggs were raw, the toast tasted like bread, the bacon stayed in the refrigerator. I have failed to find a solution to get the food on the table with no effort. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the most important meal of the day and if you have not noticed we are laying down the sarcasm so thick on this last paragraph that you could use it for the gravy. Hope we made you smile . —Kevin