Since we have started our new adventure I have had several people say to me “But I don’t have a clothesline, so I don’t need clothespins…”  So, I gathered over 20 ways to use a clothespin…

Here they are… over 20+ uses for a Clothespin….

They are wonderful little gadgets! I have used them for quite a few things in the past. Since I carry several around with me all the time this simple invention of the clothespin has come to be very useful.

What I love is that they are beautiful and heavy duty clothespins. Many clothespin projects you find have fabric or paper Mod Podged on the pin or they painting them first. I understand that, the box store clothespin is not attractive. Our pins are beautiful already and don’t need the added treatment.

Below I have compiled some of the many

Wonderful Ways to use Clothespins

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1) Of course, My favorite use for our clothespins is for line drying. 

When Chasing and playing peekaboo in the clotheslinewe started to line dry we quickly learned that the cheapy pins you get in the store just make the job frustrating.

Kevin’s Quality Clothespins hold up to wind and weight.

Check out our Testing and the Review Page featuring many others who have tested them out for themselves. You can also see Kevin’s Quality Clothespins reviews here


Same set-up on darker wall. I like both but kept it on the lighter wall because it really brightens it up.



2) Art Corner

 Go here to see how I built it.

The kids and I love this use for clothes pins. It allows them to display their favorites and rotate ones out when they want to display something new. Depending on which wall on the amount of sunlight you can make it feel like a art gallery and the kids are proud to display their latest creations. I showed two setups, one on a white wall and another on a wood wall. I like the white walls better. The paintings stand out more and bring more color into the room. The colors seem to blend into the wood colors on the wooden wall.

Clothespin Art Wall



3) Find it! 

I do tClothes pin organizationhis all the time and it is a time saver. They come in handy to clamp something on to the side of my purse when I don’t want it lost in the black hole it sometimes becomes… You know how this goes, you are standing in line trying to find you wallet and the people behind you are growing impatient or your kid gets a runny nose and it takes ten minutes of digging to find a kleenex. Hardest part now is remembering to use the clothes pin



Clothespin Snowflake Craft
Clothespin Halves Snowflake



4) Snowflake Ornaments

These fun ornaments can also be used as trivets. they can be used as gifts for Christmas time. Pretty ornaments with multiple purposes. Not hard to add glitter or paint to bring a special customization to a fun idea.

See the tutorial Here




5) Keep Pairs of gloves together.

I love this… I also pair it with this idea. Our Clothespins are strong enough to hold those wet, heavy and drippy winter gloves

Clothes pins holding drying glovesclothespin organization

6) Organize your thread

This would also work great for those small bunches of yarn…


For storage you could clip to a pants hanger with multiple tiers.


clothespin thread organizer

7) Make a Clothespin Trivet

Many design possibilities. Love mine. Set it up so it is not connected on ends or stiff and I can make it whatever shape I want.

trivet made with kevins quality clothespins

See the Tutorial Here

8) Hold Pages in a book. Or use as a bookmark

Clothespin Page holder
Would be great for cookbooks or for reading while working out

9) Name/Place Cards or Business Card holder. 

I think these would look so wonderful for place cards in a rustic wedding.

Tag holder
Place card holder Clothes pin

(I left Garfield in the picture… He is a permanent fixture

in my office for when I start taking myself too seriously)

10) Food Bag Clips

Food Bag Clip

11) Nail Holder

Nail Holder Clothespin
Yeah! No more banged up fingers!

12) Towel Clip

Okay… As crazy as this may sound to some.. This is one of my favorite uses.

 This may not be a big deal in some families but being a mother of preschoolers the towel is ALWAYS on the ground. This works great! The preschooler can wipe her hands and our clips are strong enough that they keep the towel on the holder.

Towel holder

13) Recipe Holder

Keeps them off the counter and visible. 

You could also attach one of these on the inside door of a cabinet for a recipe holder

Recipe holder Clothespins

14) Hair Clip

We went on a trip at the beginning of the month and I found myself with no hairband available for

my little girls hair and cam up with this solution.

It worked great! I think we are going to start a new trend 🙂

Hair Holder with Clothespin
How cute is that!

15) Fridge Art and Picture holder

One of my favorites. I stuck some self-adhesive magnets to the back

Fridge Picture hanger


16) Headset Organizer

Use this one every time I travel but usually just wrap it around one and clip both ends with the “mouth” of the clothespin.

headset organizer clothespin

You can make this simple storage by simply gluing two clothespins together.

17) Cord Tamer

Cord Tamer

18) Mini Clamps

Need to glue and secure that craft project or those objects during gluing?

Kevin’s Quality Clothespins have a strong spring and will hold a secure grip.

We have a customer who flipped the spring backwards and uses them as clamps to build his remote controlled planes.

Clothespin Clamps

19) Secure it

We were on a long car trip at the beginning of this month. Our van was packed to it’s maximum capacity so my purse had to go by my feet. The strap was bugging me by hitting my ankles so WA LA Clothespin to the rescue.

Clothespin organizer

20) Occupy a Preschooler… well any kid…

My preschooler and my older kids love playing with the clothespins. I also took them on the road in a container with pompoms. It occupied my toddler for a good stretch of road.

Little Girl with Clothespin

The Busy “Bag” activity we used in the car

Busy Bag with clothespin

This is a Crystal Light container with a hole cut in the top. The painters tape protects little fingers.

21)Holding a table cloth on an outdoor table

This is one of my favorite uses during camping. Missed getting a picture of this…. One of The Carpenter’s Grandmothers LOVES clothespins and she doesn’t even own a clothesline. She has an outdoor table and because she lives in a windy area she has to secure her table cloth on with clips.

There are a couple crafts I want to complete that I don’t yet have done…

I will post picts when they are complete

22) Necklace Holder

My next clothespin craft project is going to be to hang some of our clothespins on either a nice board or just on the inside of my bathroom cabinet to hang my necklaces.

23) Key/doorway note Keeper

This is going to be one of my clothespin craft projects. I am going to secure about 5 clips to a nice board and have it near the door to hold keys or notes we need to keep track of for taking with us that day.

Because they are a heavy duty clothespin they are strong enough to hold up my heavy key chains.

This idea would also work great for those with public school children to organize papers that need to be taken to school

maybe a Monday through Friday set of  Pins.

24) Christmas Card Hanger

I am going to have a Christmas themed top hanger (maybe wood stenciled with Merry Christmas…)  with a pretty Christmas ribbon hanging and our Clothespins available to secure Christmas Cards we receive.

My Boys idea of what to do with a clothespin…

25) Earrings of course 🙂 Silly boy

Boy with clothespins

Not that I recommend this. The box store clothespins I can put on my finger without any pain.

Well, I don’t put our clothespins on my fingers. They hurt

How do you use clothespins?

Do you have a use we should add to the list?

I would LOVE for you to add your ideas below…