Manual Clothespin Assembly

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Even though our pins are not very prone to coming apart, it can happen. (Especially when you have a very enthusiastic 4 year old). Because our pins have a very strong stainless steel spring they are a bit hard to manually reassemble. So a tutorial was in order.

Below is a pictorial tutorial and at the end of this post I have attached a YouTube video of the process. I find it easier to watch this kind of process in action.

This is what you need to reassemble a Kevin’s Quality Clothespin:

All of the clothespin parts, a skinny screwdriver, and a hard surface.

materials for assembly of clothespin

Granted you can muscle that spring back on but this is an easier method and is less painful for the finger tips.

If you are curious…This is what I use. If you have ever wondered how a clothespin is made you can read our Clothespin Creation Post HERE

assembling wooden clothespin halves

I have put together thousands of pins, so a quick easy tool is necessary. However, I know the customer needs a simple process using common objects.

How to reassemble a Kevin’s Quality Clothespin

1) Gather needed supplies:

materials for assembly of Clothespins

2) Put your screwdriver through the spring. Either direction works.

screwdriver and spring for clothespin

3) Insert your first pin half.

Clothes pin reassembly side one

Slide the arm of the spring into the single groove of the clothespin half. Once the half is in place to hold the spring open you can slide the screwdriver out and push the side into the spring

Clothespin Reassembly Side one

NOTE: The coil should be in the direction of the end of the clothespin and sits in the third inside groove (see an assembled clothespin for position reference)

4) insert screwdriver into other side of spring:

Putting Second side into Clothespin spring

This will open up the other side so that you can slide the other side. To open the side wider, use the leverage of the table to push it open wider:

second side into clothespin

5) Insert second side

6) (repeating step 3)  slide your second side in enough to hold the spring, remove the screwdriver. and push all the way.

Now your clothespin is reassembled.

If you would like to watch a video also I have completed the same steps here:

Gotta love videos… It took about 30 takes to get it made among kids and my fumbles. I apologize for any focus issues. I use my phone as a video camera and it sometimes is fussy.

Thank you for joining the adventure!

Have a wonderful day,

The Frabjus Lady

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