Kevin, our Carpenter, passed away in December 2020. Thank you for being patient as we take time to not only grieve but also figure out the future of Lady and the Carpenter. Thank you to everyone who has made this company successful and to all who have shown us such amazing love and support.

Currently we only have available on our website the items currently on hand. Unfortunately, Kevin’s Quality Clothespins are not available at this time. However, they will be soon! If you would like to get an email to inform you when they become available send a note to admin(at) We are hoping to have them available by the end of May.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kevin's Quality Clothespins Factory Seconds Set of Ten

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Kevin's Quality Clothespin Factory Seconds: set of 10

Have you heard? You can trade frustration for peace of mind. Join customers who have held these in their hands and have immediately fell in love with their practicality and beauty. Our reliable, heavy duty and US made clothespins always outlast and outperform other pins on the market. With a lifetime guarantee you can purchase with confidence.
What is different about a Factory Second? Our factory second clothespins have some beauty flaws which can include but are not limited to: marks, chips, sanding imperfections, varied thickness, Don't settle in spring perfectly and rough inside tips. Factory Second pins are clothespins with production “beauty” flaws but still are sturdy and functional. Instead of taking production time to remedy some of these flaws we sell them at a discount. They do not have any functional flaws.
However, we do NOT recommended factory seconds for use on gentle care items because of their rougher texture.
Each pin is made in the Pacific Northwest with local maple and a heavy duty stainless steel spring. This winning combination produces a pin that can be handed down through generations. At 3.5” long and 7/16 wide Kevin’s Quality Clothespins are longer, wider and easy to hold. One pin holds a pair of wet jeans on a windy day. Linseed oil helps to protect the clothespins from the weather and brings out the beautiful wood grain. The linseed oil soaks into the clothespins and will not harm clothing.
Note: Plain/ un-oiled pins are only available as firsts.
Kevin's Quality Clothespins Disclaimer CLICK HERE
Lifetime Product Guarantee:
If one of your Kevin’s Quality Clothespin should break due to normal wear or manufacturing defect, return the parts (wood and spring) to us and we will return to you a new clothespin to replace the malfunctioning clothespin.
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