Kevin, our Carpenter, passed away in December 2020. Thank you for being patient as we take time to not only grieve but also figure out the future of Lady and the Carpenter. Thank you to everyone who has made this company successful and to all who have shown us such amazing love and support.

Currently we only have available on our website the items currently on hand. Unfortunately, Kevin’s Quality Clothespins are not available at this time. However, they will be soon! If you would like to get an email to inform you when they become available send a note to admin(at) We are hoping to have them available by the end of May.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dining Room Table

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This was one of my favorite projects to admire. If we didn't already have a dining room table that was made by the Carpenter and his grandfather, that we love, I would talk him into making one for us. This project was commissioned after a customer saw our cutting boards and loved look of the many types of maple. It turned out beautifully. Since then the same couple has come to Farmers Market several times and expressed how much they love it.

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