Thank you to all of my amazing customers that have been patient and caring during our changes! You have been truly amazing. We will deeply miss our Carpenter but we will continue to honor him with Kevin’s Quality Clothespins.

Clothespins and Clothesline bags are ready and available for shipping. YA!! It has been quite the learning curve, but The Lady is in full production.  All other items will only be available while supplies last.

Dining Room Table

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This was one of my favorite projects to admire. If we didn't already have a dining room table that was made by the Carpenter and his grandfather, that we love, I would talk him into making one for us. This project was commissioned after a customer saw our cutting boards and loved look of the many types of maple. It turned out beautifully. Since then the same couple has come to Farmers Market several times and expressed how much they love it.

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