Thank you to all of my amazing customers that have been patient and caring during our changes! You have been truly amazing. We will deeply miss our Carpenter but we will continue to honor him with Kevin’s Quality Clothespins.

Clothespins and Clothesline bags are ready and available for shipping. YA!! It has been quite the learning curve, but The Lady is in full production.  All other items will only be available while supplies last.

Clothespins & Accessories

If you are looking at this page then you probably have been there. Clothes on a line to dry after you have taken the time to wash them and suddenly... they are on the ground. “AGH!!...” (Followed by more words that we won’t repeat here.) So, you pick up the broken clothespins that have twisted out of the springs, pick up the now dirty clothes and .... try it again. Well, we have a solution for you!

The clothespin.

What seems to be a simple tool can become a frustration. Clothespins found in todays market were not created for the riggers of the clothesline. I too had to yell in frustration while clothespins flew in all directions and my clean clothes fell to the ground. So, I asked The Carpenter to make me some clothespins that would actually do the job.

Well, after much skepticism, The Carpenter decided to try something new and we have Kevin’s Quality Clothespins. This is a clothespin you can actually LOVE. Now, more than 300,000 clothespins later we are still here and going strong. Who would have though that so many people were searching for clothespins worth using?

Why Kevin’s Quality Clothespins?

  • Kevin’s Quality Clothespins hold up to the wind and weight. Each clothespin can securely hold more than 5 pounds. Heavy rug? Wet jeans? Windy climate? No problem. Want to watch them in action: See videos of what they can hold HERE and HERE
  • Not your ordinary spring. Our springs are manufactured here in the US out of stainless steel. Not only will the spring hold up to the riggers of daily use but they will not rust.
  • They are made out of hardwood. Our clothespins are made out of locally sourced maple. This hardwood will endure long and does not bleed tannin onto clothing.
  • Wide opening and size. Kevin’s quality clothespins are larger than the small pins found on the market and they open wide to fit thick clothes on the line or on a hanger.
  • Buying American Supports Americans. When you buy an item from our store you are not just supporting us. You are supporting: the local wood mill where we get our wood, the spring company where we get our springs, the local companies we buy supplies from, the local seamstress who makes our clothesline bags and even the local chicken farm that uses the sawdust left from manufacturing. If that doesn’t make you have a grin on your face… well… it should. It should be personal. We need to support others in their striving to not just exist but to make the world a better place through the work they do… even if it is just one clothespin at a time.
  • Last (but not least), our clothespins have a guarantee: “If one of your Kevin’s Quality Clothespin should break due to normal wear or manufacturing defect, return the parts (wood and spring) to us and we will return to you a new clothespin to replace the malfunctioning one. Have you ever heard of any company offering a guarantee on a wooden clothespin?”

Clothespins though simple in their function are important in many homes. If a tool you use on a regular basis will not perform the job it is worth the investment to get a quality tool that will excel at the job, making that task pleasurable again. Laundry is not going away so get a tool worthy of the job. A clothespin you can love to use.

Not a diehard line drying fan?

Well, I have a confession, neither am I. Don’t get me wrong. I still some hang clothes to dry, but mostly on hangers since we have some outdoor allergies. However, Clothespins are still a part of my every day (and not just because we make them). Here are some ways I use them and how others have shared they use Kevin’s Quality Clothespins.

Uses for Clothespins that don’t involve an outdoor clothesline:

  • Holding flags onto trees to mark a race course. (reusable and trees aren’t damaged when removed.
  • Basket-weaving- to hold parts as they are woven.
  • Guitar making – used as small clamps
  • Hold book page open. Especially handy with cook books
  • Crafts: There are many wonderful clothespin crafts our there. They also make great small clamps.
  • Hanging winter gloves on plastic hangers to dry.
  • Hold tablecloth on outdoor picnic tables.
  • Keeping track of items in a purse or bag.
  • Holding netting around trees and/or bushes.
  • Chip and cereal bag Clips.
  • Place in frame to hold pictures.
  • Clip blankets to strollers for a sun shade.
  • Organizing Papers.
  • Put a magnet on the back and hang stuff on fridge.
  • Hanging Art to dry – An art teacher made a rack that could be raised to the ceiling to hold art that needed to dry.
  • Cord Keeper: Hold wires so they don’t tangle. I use one for my earbuds in my purse.
  • Hang fabric for a temporary photo booth.
  • Even…Sculptures? – one customer bought hundreds to make a large sculpture. Apparently they were painted pink… lol would have loved to see that one.
  • And more…

The perfect Clothespin Partner:

When we began making clothespins, we had quite a few people asking for clothesline bags. I myself was using a plastic ice cream bucket. Well, Needless to say since I live in the Pacific Northwest where rain is a common occurrence it wasn’t working out so well. So, I started to look into clothesline bags. Nothing I found on the market would last long in our winds and rain so a seamstress friend and I designed Lady and the Carpenter Clothesline Bags.

Our clothesline bags are made with marine grade fabrics and threads, they have a top that stays open for easy use, hooks to attach to the line or a hanger, a mesh bottom to allow for air flow and capacity to hold well over 120 clothespins. The perfect match. A quality bag to go with quality clothespins. (and yes. I threw away the ice cream bucket.)

So, whatever you may be using your clothespins for… enjoy using a clothespin that is made to last generations.