Kevin’s Quality Clothespins has been around for three years? Wow!

Time is going by so fast and we are still having fun. In June of 2014 we began making Kevin’s Quality Clothespins and in that same month we launched the business with our post Our New Business Adventure. When we first started we were doing batches of 100 clothespins at a time and we were amazed when one sample was purchased. Now we are regularly making batches of 25,000 at a time with over 100,000+ pins sold.

One batch of Clothespins ready for oiling

The wood is purchased by the pallet load and the sawdust is hauled away by the truckload to cover garden paths and fill chicken nesting boxes.

What is more amazing is the volume of feedback we have received from so many of you. To date, I know over over 300+ reviews that are available online from many different sources with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

That is absolutely amazing!! We are so pleased you love them!

As you saw in a recent post we are available online and in a growing number of stores. Many of them are small businesses just like us and some are larger corporations. The part that I have a hard time believing is that less than 10 pins have been returned for warranty issues in the last three years. (If you have a broken pin please mail it and the spring back to us and we will send out a new one asap.)

So what is the plan for Lady and the Carpenter going forward?

I am so glad you asked, 😉 !! The clothespins will always be available but there is more that we want to do. We are hoping to fill the spot between the general contractor and the cabinet shop. The general contractor, as a generality, will do the larger home improvements, decks and maybe a fence or two. The cabinet shop, as a generality, will take care of the larger precision projects that require attention to detail. Most of the time that is usually a kitchen or bath upgrade.

The need we are wanting to fill is those times when you need a specialized gift or a unique piece that is beyond the capabilities of the general contractor, but too small and time consuming for the cabinet shop to create.

For example: A specialized shaped cutting board for a specific location, a whimsical birdhouse for the garden, or a cider press, a rope making machine for the local boy scout club, or a butter press. The possibilities are endless… All of these could be done by a contractor or cabinet shop but they usually turn those projects down. I will be randomly making items available on our website but we are mostly wanting to hear from you.

What items would you love to have that are not readily available?

Hardwood cutting boards

Shoot us an email at admin AT ladyandthecarpenter DOT com  and we would love to help create those whimsical, personal and even practical items that you want to have in your home or want to gift.

So, It’s been three years but we are not done… not even close…  we are enjoying new and continued adventures!

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A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have joined this crazy journey. Everyone from the wood lovers and the wonderfully sweet people we have met at fairs that are clothespin addicts (it’s okay your not alone) to the family and friends that have been are cheering section.  We are honored to have such a great bunch of people supporting us all along the way.

-The Frabjus Lady and the Screwy Carpenter

To explore our current store offerings come visit us at ladyandthecarpenter