Kitchen Tip: Garbage Bowl

I have to say this is one of my favorite helps in the kitchen.

Prepping food can create a lot of mess. I used to throw all of those scraps or extras into a sink and then scrape them out later. (Most of the time I would remember cleaning them up right after, but more than I could care to admit they would greet me in the morning. Yuck!)

Also, part of the problem of using the sink is that you don’t have a sink for washing and in the process you make the scraps soaking wet. My other solution was to have the trash nearby but that is not always space friendly and what if I want to hold them aside for compost or another use?


Solution: The Garbage/ Scraps Bowl

The Garbage bowl in use while Prepping onions

The Garbage bowl in use while Prepping onions

When I am working on a recipe that creates scraps I put a bowl on the counter to collect them. It does not have to be large. When it gets full you can transfer it to your compost bin or the trash can in one easy motion. A bowl is MUCH easier to clean out too.

No more scraping small bits out of the bottom of the sink or having a full sink when you need to use it for something else.

Do you have a useful tip for the kitchen? Have you used this Tip? What do you think? Leave me a comment below 🙂

Happy Cooking,

The Frabjus Lady