After four years of making and selling wooden clothespins, the number one question that we get asked is “How well do these hold?”  If you see us at a show or a local farmers market we have a display stand that one made in USA clothespin will hold 5 pounds of weight. It is impressive but most people assume it is rigged because it is our display.

wooden clothespin display stand

Clothespin and 5 lb weight in the green circle

Hundreds of people have sent us written reviews telling how well the clothespins work in their wind, storm, with heavy blankets, firemans pants, etc. None of that truly sinks in unless we can experience it personally.

Two weeks ago a customer in Wisconsin contacted me regarding a video he made. He was filming a EF1 Tornado in his hometown. The day after the storm subsides he realizes that our wooden clothespins had made a front and center appearance.  I wanted to share that video with you.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction in seeing Mother Nature rage and my creation doing exactly as I had planned it to do. There is also great joy in promising a level of performance and know that we can exceed that level. You never know what is possible until you push the limits.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years. If you have an amazing video or story we would love to hear from you.