Amazing Changes and Discovering Possibilities!

In September of 2013 we started our blog “Frabjus Lady and the Screwy Carpenter”. In our blog post Stepping Up To The Deep End in May of 2014 I described those goals as:

1) I love to write and teach. It gives me a forum for that.

2) The Screwy Carpenter would love to step into a new employment of woodworking. We would like to have internet sales be part of that transition. We want to provide quality, simple, practical and beautiful items that people will treasure.

With those goals we introduced Kevin’s Quality Clothespins. When we began the Carpenter was pretty skeptical that clothespins would be a hit, but after over 100,000 clothespins sold… WOW! What a ride it has been! The last two years we were SUPER busy with clothespins and The Carpenter was still working an outside job. So, the question we kept asking was “When does this become a full-time deal?” And how do we do this?

In January of this year through much prayer and thought we came to the conclusion that it was time to jump. Oh, you know how I hate jumping into deep waters, but I had a peace about this one. Granted the whole idea still makes me nervous, but I still have a peace. It was time, either let Lady and the Carpenter hold steady or we could let it grow!

Wondering what this means for you?

More Quality, US made, Natural and Beautiful products for you to LOVE.

Product Launch March 2107

Over the next three months we plan on introducing many new products. We went through the large pile of ideas we have been gathering for the last couple of years and narrowed it down to about a dozen we LOVE and knew you would treasure. Our goal is that every item we make is 1) Quality 2) Made to Last 3) will be treasured by its owner 4) Fills a need and 5) is US made.

We can’t do this without you so spread the word!

If you have already fallen in love with our products or if you are just exploring something new, come join the revolution of buying US made and support our countries families. When you purchase from Lady and the Carpenter you don’t just support our family but you also support our local mill, the wonderful ladies who sew and create our fabric items, the local business we buy tools and supplies from and in the near future we hope to add some employees to our team.

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Note: We send out a newsletter about once a season. Emails include our latest news,  introductions to new products and special discount codes.

Can’t find that wood item you have been searching for?

We can customize to your specific needs. Send us a sketch, a picture or just let us  know what you have in mind and we can come up with a plan and quote for the item(s).  You can fill out the contact form below, you can call us at, or you can email us (admin@ladyandthecarpenter(dot)com)

New Products that are Ready and Waiting for a new home

As you know, We LOVE our kiddos…

We regularly have game night with the kids and others we invite over to join the laughter and fun. One of the challenges we face with a little one is that she can not hold cards very well. So, we love these Playing Card holders. It makes games like UNO and Go Fish so much easier for her. They are also great for those with arthritis and I would have loved to have one when the babies were little!

Another game we love to play is dominoes…. and then someone accidentally knocks the table and down they go! This holder is a simple solution.

Click Picture to see our Domino Holders 

I LOVE traditional toys that can be kept and handed down through generations. My little one loves this balance toy…and when she is done balancing blocks (and other items throughout the house) she loves making a tower with the blocks. Because the blocks measure 1.5 inches it is a great toy for any age.

I love My Garden…

This traditional tool is now a keeper in my basic gardening tools set. Planting seeds and small bulbs is super easy with a Garden Dibbler. With easy to read markings (that won’t rub off) I can make a trench or a hole at the perfect depth that I need. I just drag this tool down the line and I have a small trench ready to plant.

And we had to add this product Just for Fun…

This Floating Wine Bottle Holder is a fun addition to any kitchen and is a fabulous conversation starter! Also makes a perfect wedding gift.

(As of 06/01/2018 We stopped carrying this as a regular stocked item. Can be made as a special request)

Thank you for joining the adventure!

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If you would love to see us add a product, have something you want custom made or just want to say hello fill in the contact form below.

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