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Screwy Carpenter Projects

Projects The Carpenter has been working on

Shop Lamp DIY

Wooden DIY Shop Lamp I do all my woodworking in our barn and due to its large size light is a precious commodity. One of the areas I need plenty of light is at my lathe. I started out using... Read More

Rope Making Machine and Giving

Since any kind of outside work has been on hold the Carpenter due to our crazy amount of snowy weather. The Carpenter has been able to focus on a new project. He has been making a Rope Making Machine for... Read More

How to Make a French Style Rolling Pin

The French Rolling Pin Handcrafted Beauty, there is nothing like it.  I love watching my Carpenter make french rolling pins and other items on the lathe. If you contemplate the time it takes to build that skill… If you let... Read More

Square Pegs in Round Holes: Making Rolling Pins

It’s been a busy time at Lady and the Carpenter We are busy getting ready for the Spring. In our new line up of new products are French Style Rolling Pins. Along with these beauties we launching 4 new products... Read More

Clothespins and Pickup Trucks

The story started six months ago. I got the hare brained idea to buy a classic pickup truck for my daily driver. We were told that it was a strong runner. He was right, it ran strong until we were... Read More