Due to the move, having a tractor to fix and work being busy the Screwy Carpenter hasn’t made it into his new shop as much and he would like but he has gotten one project in. He made this wonderful coat rack. (I almost called it cute but I can’t call it cute…it’s in the man’s shop.)



He got some cheap wooden hammers from Home Depot that all looked the same, cut off the handles at the angle he wanted and mounted them with screws (after piloting the holes into the wooden  hammer handles and backboard). The backboard was some leftover paper stone so it is one hefty object.

It was a quick project but it did his soul good to get out into the shop (despite it not being fully organized) and make something. He is not a lover of  “wrenching” (fixing vehicles) so he was glad to get some sawdust in his nose.

– The Frabjus Lady and the Screwy Carpenter.