I just started to embroider this winter and I am really enjoying it. One thing I found though is that I don’t want to learn a stitch on the final project so I have a practice piece of fabric. Never thought it would become a teaching experience for me AND the kids…


This is the piece I practiced satin stitch and some long/short stitch on. I found different tutorials had different ways of doing satin stitch so I wanted to check them out before using it on a bigger scale.

Today I was starting a new practice piece because I wanted a bigger piece of fabric to put all my practice and notes on to use for later reference.

My son said to me ” Mom, isn’t that a waste of materials?”

So, I asked him “Is it a waste for you to write your spelling words?” To my relief he said no.

Then I replied ” But it’s not like your writing a book a bunch of people are going to read?”

He then said “Oh, then i guess you’re not wasting stuff.”

Gotta love teachable moments.

Learning is never a waste. This piece of fabric will eventually be a mishmash of color, notes and techniques. It will never be on display, but it is a beautiful example of learning.


On the note of learning. I learned the basics from my Mom , but I have been following the blog Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread http://www.needlenthread.com and she is a great inspiration. She also has some wonderful written and video tutorials for many different stitches. Wonderful stuff.
So, keep learning!

– The Frabjus Lady