It’s pretty busy here around here with the garden, closing up homeschooling for the year, normal chores and clothespins. Oh yes, LOTS of clothespins…

Little one with Bucket of clothes pin halves

In a week we will be heading to the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany Oregon as a vendor, so we are working on getting a back stock of clothespins. There are ten steps to making a clothespin so it takes a while to get that back stock ready. The pins above still need to be oiled, dried, sorted, assembled and packaged.

In clothespin news, our prices have recently changed. We have improved our manufacturing through upgrades. Thank you to all of you who have made it possible. We are passing the savings on to you. Visit HERE to read about the changes. Visit HERE to go to our store.

Between all the other stuff, I sneak out to the garden every day to water and check on my little green babies. I am really quite pleased with what is coming up so far. The beans, sugar snap peas, raspberries, and even the carrots are doing well so far.

Purple Green Bean babies

This is a new variety of green bean I am trying that has purple pods

Yesterday, I planted more cucumber, dill, marigolds and nasturtiums. With this weeks warm weather they should germinate quickly.

We also have volunteer plants. These (pumpkin I think…) grew in the compost pile so I transferred them. We shall see what surprises we get.

Garden voluteers

I also have some volunteer potato cucumber plants that I am letting grow. Why throw out perfectly good plants and free food right?  I love my happy spot. I love watching plants grow and miracles spring out of the earth.

Happy Gardening,

The Frabjus Lady

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