What do you use a Wood Mallet for? 

I can’t count how many times I have been at a fair or farmer’s market and people have picked up our wooden mallets and asked “What do you use this for?” That is when a list starts running through my head because a wood mallet is one of the most handy things you can have around!

Maple Wood Mallet

I am not a big fan of kitchen tools that only serve one purpose or function. I have very few tools in my kitchen (except maybe my garlic press) that I don’t use for multiple tasks. The wooden mallet is NOT one of those one-task wonders. In fact, a wooden mallet is also very handy to have around for outdoor tasks as well. You’ll want to get two so that one stays outside and one stays in the kitchen.

When looking for a wood mallet you want it to be made out of hardwood and fashioned out of one piece of wood for strength. Our hardwood mallets are handcrafted out of Maple on a lathe by The Carpenter. You can see them HERE.

Uses for a Quality Hardwood Mallet in the HOME

Tenderizing and Pounding Meat

Meat that is an even thickness will cook at an even rate. A hardwood mallet has a good weight to help with that task but isn’t too heavy. It is easily cleaned after any cooking task.

Simply place your piece of meat between two layers of plastic wrap or in a gallon bag. Pound evenly to get a uniform thickness. Then it is ready for making Chicken Cordon Bleu.

NOTE: Many metal options are available for this task. Keep in mind that a metal mallet can very easily damage counters and wooden cutting boards.Mallet and meat

Open a Hard Squash

Acorn Squash are good for eating but they put up a fight. A good knife and a wood mallet make the job super simple.

Mallet and Acorn Squash

First, put the squash on a towel to prevent it form rolling. Place your knife on the squash and then pound it into the squash with your wood mallet. The wood mallet will not damage your knife. Once it is half way through, take it out, flip the squash over and pound the knife in again to split the squash. So much more simple than any other method.

Wood mallet and squash

Pitting Olives

Pitting Olives can be time consuming and messy.  Simply crowd a few olives together  on a cutting board and give them a good wack. The pits are quickly pulled out.

Smash Garlic

Breaking up a garlic head or getting the skin off individual cloves is a breeze with a wood mallet. Your time spent peeling and mashing cloves is minimal when you use a mallet. Plus, you don’t get the garlicky smell all over your hands. One strike with a mallet on a clove and the skin will pop right off. Once the skin is off smash away with a little salt.

Mallet and Garlic

Mash Garlic or Ginger

Mincing Ginger and garlic can be a pain. Once you are done giving it a rough chop, finish it up with a good mashing. If you add a little salt will also help the process.

Garlic and Mallet

Making crumbs

I make  bread crumbs on a regular basis; the size, the flat end and weight of the mallet are perfect. I can also put it on it’s side and use it as a roller to make crumbsCrumbs and mallet

Cracking hard shell crabs

The hard wood mallet is a great tool for getting those treasured morsels out of those hard shells

Crabs and mallet

Nut Cracker

Cracking those shelled nuts can be a challenge. If you put the nuts in a bag or towel the end or side of the mallet make short work of the job.mallet and nutsmallet and nut shells

Crushing Ice

I must admit this is a favorite. You come home after a long day put some ice in a clean towel, wack it a few times and then you make yourself a cold drink and relax. Nothing like smacking something that doesn’t harm anything to release tension. 
Wood mallet and ice

Crushing Spices and Peppercorns

As I said before I am not a big fan of one use items in my kitchen so I do not have a spice grinder. A plastic bag and a wooden mallet make short work of the job and I don’t need another specialized tool. Just beware that your bag will likely tear in the process so the ground spices will have to stored in another container.

wood mallet and spices

Pounding Leaves and Lemongrass

Pounding a stalk of lemongrass will help release oils and flavors. Pounding leaves when making a salve helps infuse the oils into the salve.

Uses for a Quality Hardwood Mallet in the Shop or the Great Outdoors

My Carpenter loves his wooden mallets. In fact he has several designs he uses on a regular basis.

Chisel Work

When using a chisel you never want to use a hammer with a metal head. It will dent and break the end of your chisel. A hard wood mallet will not hurt your chisel handles and create less impact stress. With a round mallet you can grab the mallet without taking your eyes off of your work, swing the mallet and know that which ever side is facing the chisel is going to work. The square mallets you need to double check that it is facing the right way before you swing.

chisel and wood mallet

Driving stakes and wedges

When driving wooden stakes into the ground you always want to use a wood or rubber mallet because a metal head hammer will damage the wood. A wood mallet is versatile and can be used on many surfaces.
Wood mallet and stake

Fish “Bonker”

When we go to local fairs and markets and people ask about our mallets the most common question is “Is this for bonking fish?” I love that question! It makes me smile. I tell them that it would work perfect for that. Invariably they then refer to “bonking” their companion. Oh my… people are so funny. So…It’s just got to go on the list because it would be a great tool for that. I have gone deep sea fishing only a couple times and fish are amazingly strong. They can easily hurt a person if not knocked a bit first.

And Much More…

Do you have any more uses for a wooden mallet? Share in the comments!

Maple Wood Mallet

You can find our Maple Wood Mallets HERE.

If you would like a specialty size or design you can also contact us for custom sizing at admin (at) ladyandthecarpenter(dot)com.

Here are a few mallets we have custom made in the past

mallet and chisel handles

Custom mallet and chisel handles

Handmade Wooden Mallet

Wooden mallets made by Lady and the Carpenter

Finished custom mallet