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Thoughts of a Frabjus Lady

random musings of the Lady

A New Year… A New Adventure

With a New Year comes New Fun to look forward to with… This last year and a half has been amazing! Who would have thought that starting a clothespin business would turn into such an adventure? This new year is... Read More

Going a Little Squirrelly…

  I have been recently been accused of being part Squirrel… And that was before we harvested walnuts! It’s been a very busy canning/preserving year over here. What started as a fun couple day activity during the year has become... Read More

Mother Earth News Fair Wrapup

Ever have one of those moments when you feel like you are on a big roller coaster, heading upward and all you hear is “click click click, click…” ? It is thrilling and at the same time you think “What... Read More

Mother Earth, Garden Joy and FTF Hop

It’s pretty busy here around here with the garden, closing up homeschooling for the year, normal chores and clothespins. Oh yes, LOTS of clothespins…... Read More

Celebrate National Hanging Out Day

National Hanging Out Day  April 19th  I admit, I love my dryer. Though some would assume that since I run a clothespin business I wash all my clothes by hand and hang dry them all… well, that is not the... Read More