The Screwy Carpenter LOVES to make tools and refurbish older ones for a new life. Here are a couple of his projects… One of his most recent and my favorite restoration.

This is a cheap lathe tool next to a head of another that he found.


It’s yet another treasure that He has brought home that at the time I was not sure what the point was, but I just smiled and said “that’s great honey”.

He wanted to use the larger, better tool head so he created a new handle for it.


Here is the “new” tool. Now I get it! Very nice! I love the fact that he used the old head to make its new handle. The new tool and its long handle allows him to have great control of the tool when he is turning a piece of wood.

turning tool with wood handle.

turning tool with wood handle.

I have learned over the years that looks can be deceiving…

To finish the lathe tool he used his refurbished lathe, a 1950’s Shop Smith. When he got this thing it was rusted, green and VERY ugly. When it was given to him I looked at him like he was nuts! I asked “Why is this ugly chunk of metal taking up space in the garden shed?”. Then when we moved I couldn’t comprehend why it was going with us. Well, after much love on the Carpenters part it is a beautiful and working machine. He not only made the machine beautiful but built its new stand.


These are just two of the many things he has brought home that I would have had NO idea how to refurbish or fix but they are now functioning and beautiful. This, as you can imagine, is A LOT cheaper then buying the item for new prices and there is a joy knowing it is working again.

See, looks can be deceiving… what may look ugly and useless to one person, another person will look at and see the awesome beauty waiting to be uncovered. It takes patience, determination and a willingness to learn something new but something that is old and thrown aside can have new life.


Making the Old Fantastic,

The Screwy Carpenter and The Frabjus Lady

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