For the LOVE of WOOD

Custom Wood Items: Unique and Beautiful Wood Gifts and Treasures

People LOVE wood. I am often fascinated that people are inexplicably drawn to feel and touch wood items. Whether we are at a fair or the local farmer’s market people almost subconsciously reach out to “pet” our larger wood items. It doesn’t matter if it is a functional cedar planter box or a figured hand-turned piece, both draw people in. People love wood’s natural beauty.

The properties of wood lends itself to endless creativity. That’s part of the reason why we love it when a customer asks if something can be adjusted to fit their needs. The needs of one person may be entirely different than the needs of another. It also comes with its challenges. Because wood can hold surprises and every piece responds differently when worked with…there are some casualties…

A few wood turning casualties

We love to see that beauty come out of any piece of wood and once you know how to use a wood chisel, you can really bring that beauty out and create something spectacular. Often you do not see the detailed marbling or gorgeous grain patterns of a piece of wood until it is sanded to a polish and a finish is applied.

custom wood items, wood turning

That process gives joy to each piece we make. However, there is something special about custom pieces. Knowing you are making the item for a particular person in mind, using details that matter to them and knowing that it will be treasured when it is received is priceless.

A few Custom Wood Items we have made…

We create a standard mallet that we sell online. It is a great size for basic chisel work and basic kitchen tasks. However, some people want a change the handle diameter to accommodate their hand size, they want a special wood pattern or want the length of the mallet to be different. We had a gentleman recently order a large mallet from us to pound in wooden stakes. His previous mallet was part of his daily job and finally broke after years of use. As you probably know, if you pound in a wooden stake with a metal hammer the hammer will damage the wood stake. So, he needed a mallet made out of hardwood. He sent us a picture of his old wooden mallet and we worked out final details over email.

Finished custom mallet

As you can see the old mallet was well used and loved. Our basic mallet just wasn’t going to cut it for this job. The custom mallet The Carpenter created was a beautiful and sturdy replacement.

Speaking of custom wood items … mallets…. Here is a set of chisel handles and a matching mallet made by The Carpenter. The customer mailed an example of he wanted for the chisel handles and The Carpenter made copies on the lathe out of maple burl. All 5 pieces were made to match as a set.

mallet and chisel handles, custom wood items

Custom mallet and chisel handles

Most of the items we sell have been inspired by customers. So, if you have ideas for new products send them on over. Here is a beautiful Rolling pin a customer requested specifically for tortilla making.

Custom rolling pin, Custom wood items

custom rolling pin for tortilla making

Almost anything we make can be made with custom measurements so don’t hesitate to ask. We can change the design, shape, size and kind of wood of an existing item or create something new. It is only limited by your imaginations…If we do not carry the item you are looking for then shoot us an email.

Email us, fill out the contact form below or call us for more information

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Are you a Local?

If you are in the Clallam County area in Washington State, we also make larger wood items. Custom sized raised beds, elevated beds, trellises or any of those larger wood items that you want custom made. We can make anything from a photo booth frame for your upcoming wedding to cedar planters. We have standard sizes available on our web store HERE at Lady and the Carpenter LOCAL. Contact us for custom sizes.

Raised Garden Beds

We have a few basic sizes of raised beds and elevated raised planters available for direct online purchase at our online store or you can contact us for custom sizing.

Elevated Cedar Planters

We also make other outdoor structures such as trellises.

We can make what you dream up for your home.

Email us or Give us a call

You can order Standard Sizes through our web store HERE at Lady and the Carpenter LOCAL

Photo Gallery of previous custom items

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