Well, the green leaves are returning. Sigh… Does my soul good.

I have to say the winter felt like a long one. It didn’t help that once the leaves left the trees in autumn I was wishing for them to return.

Apple tree leaves

One reason that I love having a blog…. I can take pictures of plants and spring coming and this becomes my online album/journal.

fruit tree blooms

The rhubarb is COMING!!! It’s goal of world domination is well underway.

rhubarb early spring

In just a week it went from having ground visible between plants to being a full row. Guess I better start calling neighbors, friends and putting a call out. “Time to get your recipes ready!” I get enough to feed an army.

What new recipes should I try this year? Link your ideas in the HOP or comment!

Last year I made these Rhubarb Sweet Rolls. Oh my they are heavenly but can’t make too many of those or I will have to triple my workout regiment.

Rhubarb Sweet Roll

Rhubarb Sweet Roll

It ‘s also toad season. We have all these little toads show up at our house in early spring. (I will end up having several talks with the 4 year old about not hurting the poor creatures.) When we go outside at night or early morning the frogs are very loud. As I sit here in my living room with the windows closed I can clearly hear them. It is beautiful.


As for the garden, well it hasn’t received a lot of love this week. Next week I need to start hauling soil and get things going. It is time to get out and thin out those poor strawberries.

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