Well, without going into too many details it has been a very busy week. On a good note: Clothespin sales have been good 🙂 . I am juggling so many hats that the garden duties have been a bit neglected. I haven’t worried about it too much because up here by the mountain we have still been getting overnight frost and the soil is still really cold.

I bet that it’s easier for some people to be able to keep on top of their gardens than what it is for others, especially if you’re like me and live by the mountain. Some people don’t even like the idea of taking care of their gardens full stop and decide to incorporate some composite decking ideas into their garden instead so that they don’t have to worry about maintaining their plants as they wouldn’t have any to worry about. But I couldn’t imagine my life without my garden; that’s just who I am.

flowering tree

The humming birds have returned. The leaves and flowers are coming back on the trees and other plants are poking through the soil, so those are good indicators that we are almost ready. Now to make the time to get out there…

We do have Rhubarb growing like crazy and Asparagus. I love low maintenance garden perennials!

This was last years rhubarb in its full beauty:

Our Rhubarb Bounty 2014

This year it is well on its way:

rhubarb early spring

I also got to harvest a few pieces of asparagus


Last year we didn’t get enough for a whole meal but my little one LOVES to eat it right out of the garden. I think she is hoping that she can have it all again this year. The two of us like asparagus but the others are going to be a hard sell…

Next garden goals: Hang my trellises for beans and peas. Then I need to clear out one raised bed that is totally full of weeds. Granted they are eatable weeds that people and my rabbit can eat….

Chickweed and purple deadnettle

Chickweed and Purple Deadnettle

but I confess they go on my “If I am desperate I will eat these” list (along with our dandelions and stinging nettle). They are everywhere and I am going to reclaim this raised bed for veggies. Nice to know what plants on the property are eatable in case of an emergency.

What eatable “weeds” do you have where you live? What is your next gardening project?

Happy Gardening!

The Frabjus Lady

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