Between our sessions of “liquid sunshine” we are getting ready for Spring.

Life is one big experiment. I set up an experiment, I collect data, I set up another one.  Do we ever really figure everything out? I hope not! How sad it would be not to have something new to explore and learn.

Part of our “experiments” this year include an enlarged garden. We got this little greenhouse for a great price and we are extending the garden borders. Because of the deer in the area we have to extend the fence line (or I will just be planting their appetizers).

The greenhouse (minus roof panels)

 My plan is to put some tomatoes and lettuces in the greenhouse. Hopefully I will figure it out enough that it wont become just another way to kill plants 🙂

Because our soil is 70% rock, we decided to build soil upward with some Lasagna Gardening. The name “lasagna gardening” isn’t referring to what I am planting but it is a method of building up the soil. Essentially it is piling a bunch of different organic materials on top of each other and letting them compost over time, creating a rich soil that plants can thrive in. We plan on stacking layers of various organic materials and then adding a top layer of soil from another area.

begginging a garden bed

Beginning of the layers. Cardboard, grass clippings and compost tailings

I have drawn out my garden plan (even have some 2016 goals). I am sure some of this will change.

2014 garden plan

And I’ve gone through my seed catalogs.

I picked Territorial Seed Company because they have No GMO/ Organic seeds and they are based out of Oregon. I wanted to pick a Pacific Northwest company for my seed supply.

During a drier spot of weather I also got out to the raised beds and got some weeding done.  (Thank you for helping Mom)


We got a large load of wood for us to cut and prep for the next couple years.

The Rabbit enjoyed working in the garden too 🙂

McFlopsy "gardening"

Left on my Early Spring Prep list:

1) Thin the strawberries. The patch of strawberries is very densely packed and did not produce anything last year. They need to be taken out of the patch, the weeds and crabgrass removed and then the good ones replanted.

2) Create a support system for the Raspberries. They need some support on the edges. Next year the plan is to thin the patch.

3) Build some potato towers. I have never planted potatoes and I would love to try the tower method.

Happy Spring !

The Frabjus Lady

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