Hello Everyone!

It has been a crazy week here! Between homeschooling, regular household stuff, Website related stuff, Kickstarter Campaign,  a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, keeping up with the business, and having several nights of lousy sleep… I am also trying something new. Crazy right? Well, sometimes when you are given an opportunity you just have to jump in with both feet….

I have been invited to join a great group of bloggers to co-host a weekly Blog Hop. Blog Hops are like a weekly Pinterest Board with a culmination of great posts from a variety of authors. I love seeing what people are writing about. 

Every week,  each Blogger Co-host  will pick a favorite post to share the next week. My favorite from last week was Bluetooth Hollow: Pros and Cons of feeding Hay to Rabbits.  I liked it because I got to learn something new and…

We recently got a furry Rabbit friend of our own. Her full name is Lady Pancake McFlopsy.  We do feed her hay and it doubles as her bedding.

Isn’t she a cutie?

McFlopsy "gardening"

Here she is having some sun bathing time in the garden. It’s a safe place for her to wander free from our overenthusiastic dog. (She just wants to play with that rabbit…)

I love the concept of naturally keeping animals healthy so I am doing a lot of reading. My daughter went foraging today for dandelion greens for her (nice to know those obnoxious weeds have a useful purpose) She LOVES them and they are really good for her gut.

Feeding the rabbit dandelion leaves

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