I LOVE Spring. Despite my allergies going crazy for the first month or so I love it! I am ready for the trees to get leaves again and the flowers to come out. I am ready to watch flowers turn into apples and I was thrilled to find a few little toads in the flower bed.

little toads

I have become a recent gardening addict…Seriously… What happened to me? When did I become a country, homesteading woman? My mother thinks I got abducted by some earth loving alien… I remember hating gardening. Plus I used to be an avid plant killer…. well no more… (well mostly)

I admit, flowers are still not my thing unless they just come up on their own. I am really not interested unless they are beneficial for my fruits and vegetables. However, The Carpenter LOVES the colors that flowers bring so he spent part of last weekend creating a flower bed up front.

The Carpenters Flowerbed

The Carpenters Flowerbed

I got sucked into the process (willingly but I whined just a little) and we got the front flower beds all weeded and prepped for the flowers to come.

Flower bed

My garden spot also got a big makeover this last weekend. We wanted some more vegetable garden space and boy do we have it now! The square footage of the garden area is now bigger than the square footage of the house. hehehe

The old border was the gray/brown poles by the raised bed and the new border is the brown poles by the greenhouse.


I have room to grow this year and for the next couple years. Fencing the area was important because we have lots of deer around. We kept it simple and re-purposed what was there and used some extra fencing that was unused on the property. It doesn’t all perfectly match but it still looks very nice. With the dog keeping guard and the fencing we should be all set to eat our own veggies and not feed the deer.

If that turns out to be successful, and the deer keep as far away as possible from our food, then maybe we might decide to repay them with some of their own food instead. All we’d need is some sort of deer feeder to help store the food in a safe place for them. I’ve heard that somewhere like Feed That Game can offer advice when it comes to deer and wildlife feeders, so I might have to start looking. But only if they stay out of our garden first.

Lettuce starts

My lettuce and spinach is off to a good start inside the house and the majority of my seeds just came in the mail. Ya!

Seed Packets

Next weekend its time to get my trellis frames up and get sugar snap peas going. I love gardening. It is one big experiment from year to year and I get FOOD! That is simply amazing!

Happy Gardening,

The Frabjus Lady