How to Easily Tighten a Rope Clothesline

I have in my backyard a wonderful rope clothesline but recently I replaced my wire (which was so old it was crumbling) with a rope. Unfortunately, it is hard to tighten a rope clothesline when the rope is also stretchy. Not a good combo for a clothesline.

So, the carpenter got me some clothesline tighteners. They are simple to install and fixed my problem right away. LOVE THEM!

Here is a short video we created for a demo/tutorial. You also get a peak at my clothesline. It’s not gorgeous but it is wonderfully functional now and that is all that really matters. ENJOY

Because we make clothespins, people are always asking me about the best clothesline system. Honestly, I don’t think there is a best clothesline. If it holds the clothes off the ground to dry then it doesn’t matter if you string a line between two trees, have lines strung in a basement or have an umbrella type clothesline.

Clothesline and Kids playing

Chasing and playing peekaboo in the laundry

What to consider when picking a Clothesline:

  1. What is your area’s climate? We live in the Pacific Northwest (which equals lots of rain). So, one of my considerations is my clothesline. I want a rope or wire that is easy to keep mold free. I shall see how this latest pick holds up.
  2. Allergies? My son and I have allergies so I dry items outdoors that do not end up up by my face a lot (like shirts and blankets) and those that do go by my face I either machine dry or dry indoors.
  3. Physical Ability? Take into consideration that you will have to haul wet and then dry clothes back and forth. We have several customers that have lines indoors close to their washers or on a deck for that very reason.
  4. Temporary or Permanent? Everything from umbrella styles to retractable lines can be installed permanently or in a temporary fashion. My neighbor has an umbrella style she planted into a 5-gallon bucket with concrete because she didn’t want to dig a hole and make it permanent.
  5. Is there good airflow? If you have an inside line make sure there is good airflow. You don’t want your laundry becoming musty.

Have another item to add? Would love your comments below.

Happy Line Drying!

The Frabjus Lady


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