Attending the Mother Earth News Fair…and a little silliness.

Lady and the Carpenter Booth

We had a great time this last weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, Oregon. Last year we came with only our Kevin’s Quality Clothespins and this year we had 9 more products to sell including our new Clothesline Bags.

We will also be attending the upcoming M.E.N. Fair in West Bend, Wisconsin on July 9th and 10th. If you are in the area we would LOVE to meet you.


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These are by far my favorite fairs to attend. It really is more of a conference. People are attending over 150 workshops and learning anything from how to butcher a pig to how to use herbal remedies. Even the vendors are willing to share their expertise and knowledge. If you can’t attend one of these great fairs you can go online (click above picture) and find some great links to speakers, bloggers and businesses that are at the fairs. 

Customers and Returns

My favorite part of the fair was seeing customers from last year come back. I lost track of how many came back for more, or simply wanted to tell us they loved the pins they already had. All verbal reviews were extremely positive. Most used words like “They are awesome!” or “I LOVE them!” It’s amazing how a humble clothespin can become something so beloved.

One man who lives on the Oregon Coast told us about a very windy day when they thought for sure the clothes would end up everywhere. Instead they found their wet towels swinging parallel to the ground still hanging on the line. YA! He said after buying Kevin’s Quality Clothespins last year and and leaving them in the coastal weather all year long they are still in great shape. Love hearing from our customers.

Chisel Sharpening Demo:

Chisel Sharpening Demo on the right

Chisel Sharpening Demo on the right

We changed our booth this year to include a free demo for chisel sharpening. It was not connected to any particular item we are trying to sell it was just an opportunity to share information. Several people stopped to learn and ask questions. We will be keeping this as a component of our booths in the future.

Now for some silliness… Watch for a smile and some laughs.

We took this video after we came back from the fair.

Not all rolling pins make the cut. Here is what happens to the rejects. Even the dog gets involved.

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So glad you are joining the adventure,

-The Frabjus Lady