Summer is a busy time here at Lady and the Carpenter. Not only is it a busy time for selling clothespins but it is also a busy time for gardening and preserving for the winter. I am so pleased by the garden this year. We have put a lot of work into it but it has all been worth it.

Several have asked me about my garden so I wanted to share with you what it is looking like this year. It is in full swing and looking great! Of course, There are always ways that I want to improve it but I am loving growing my own food.

Baby cucumbers in garden

Checking on my baby cukes

There really is something truly amazing and delightful about walking into my backyard and getting food right off the vine or branch or pulling it from the ground.

One thing I don’t mention in the video is the garden paths. We use the wood shavings left over from clothespin production for our garden. I LOVE using them because they are a fabulous natural weed control. I would not recommend them as mulch because the fresh shavings would rob the soil of nitrogen (an important nutrient for your soil) but they are perfect for the paths. I have to redo the paths once a year.

Enjoy the video. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE

Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

Happy Gardening,

The Frabjus Lady

Waist Apron Lady and the Carpenter

Harvesting Green Beans. Lady and the Carpenter Waist Apron


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