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Best Clothespins

A couple months back we asked our customers an important question: Is there any way that we can improve Kevin’s Quality Clothespins? Our Goal is to make the Best Clothespin. A simple yet strong clothespin that tackles the hard work with beauty, strength and enduring quality.

Most of our customers came back with a Shouting “DON”T CHANGE A THING! WE LOVE THEM!” So, before anyone panics…take a deep breath… only  a minor change but you will LOVE it.

Each time we receive a remark or complaint we read them with an open mind and ask ourselves “Is this a one time fluke?” “Is this something we can change?” “Is this common?” There has been one critique we thought was worth addressing. Our pins slipped on the line when hanging thinner fabrics.

When we started making clothespins we honestly were not sure of the function of the second hole in the clothespin. You know this one:

hole label

I figured it was for holding items tighter….Well I was partly correct… The second hole in most clothespins is much smaller than the first hole to make it possible to hang items made of thinner fabric and not have that item slip on the line. Our original design did not take that into consideration. So, our goal this summer was to redesign our pin. Don’t Worry…We are keeping the same overall design. However, that second hole is smaller to allow our pins not to slip on the line.

Now you would think this would be just a simple change. It’s only one hole right? Well Geometry and Physics can be tricky things and with one minor change came a couple other tweeks. After several prototypes and testing we finally created the new design. It still has the same heavy duty stainless steel spring.

So with confidence We introduce to you THE BEST AMERICAN MADE CLOTHESPINS….


I know they look different and we promise that only two changes were made:

    1.  The hole holding the spring was made smaller for aesthetics (Okay…Okay…The Carpenter didn’t like how it looked) and we were surprised to find that it made another difference… in our old style the pin would often close eskew. The new style stays in line much better.
    1. The middle hole was made smaller for holding thin fabrics securely on a clothesline. The new pins do not slip down the clothesline.
  1. And a bonus… with the changes the new pin opens wider than before: The old style opened 9/16th of an inch and the new style opens to 11/16th. That is just under 3/4″!

 Opening of clothespins comparision

We were pleasantly surprised at how these two minor changes make such a visual impact.

Best Clothespin ray

The new design is still made of solid maple with a strong stainless steel spring. The lifetime guarantee is still in force. You can still order with or without a linseed oil finish. We are hoping that you will enjoy the new design as much as we do.

Come try them out HERE

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Also, our “Old Style” Factory First Clothespins are reduced for QUICK SALE. This is a limited time sale and is only available until the old style pins are all out of stock.